¡Hola, I'm Lu!


I'm a Jesus follower. I'm married to my best friend; together we have a super fun 11 year old son, and a creative 16 year old adopted nephew. I love to travel!

I speak Español, English, and I'm learning Portuguese. I'm addicted to dark chocolate covered almonds. I'm very involved at my local church. I have a missional mindset and love to serve people globally.

Photography is my passion because I love stories! We all have a story to tell, and through photos I help my clients tell their own stories. My power is literally freezing moments in life that my clients get to savor again, and again.

By the way, vida is the Spanish word for life.
Vida Photography is a channel that allows me to tell my own story: Life is beautifully threaded by the CREATOR of it all, and HE is good!

Can't wait to meet you!